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Best Edinburgh Cafes and Coffee shops

It’s no secret that Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world. With its copious amounts of rich history, breathtaking scenery, and delicious Scottish cuisine, ...

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Best Edinburgh Cafes and Coffee shops

Coffee with latte art

It’s no secret that Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world. With its copious amounts of rich history, breathtaking scenery, and delicious Scottish cuisine, you’ll never find yourself bored in this popular city. Whether you’re planning an upcoming trip to Edinburgh or you’re simply looking for more exciting local hot spots, I’ve got you covered with my must-try, best Edinburgh cafes and coffee shops. 

With a whopping 373 cafes to choose from, I’ve sifted through the options, tried and tasted, to bring you my absolute favourites. From charming and quirky cafes to establishments steeped in history, keep scrolling to uncover my top picks.

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Top coffee shops and cafes in Edinburgh

Looking for your daily caffeine fix or a new local hot spot to indulge in authentic baked treats? Look no further, let’s dive in!

Artisan Roast

Scattered in three different locations around the vibrant city of Edinburgh, Artisan Roast is truly a must-try. Established in 2007, it has earned the affection of many local Scots, including myself, for serving the freshest, high-quality coffee.

What makes Artisan Roast stand out? Well, apart from their sustainable, freshly roasted coffee, their cafes offer a beautifully decorated hipster-style ambience. Whether you’re hustling on your laptop, catching up with friends, or simply passing by, Artisan Roast ensures a complete experience with attention to every detail.

And the best part? This much-loved coffee shop doesn’t limit its reach to Edinburgh. They deliver freshly roasted coffee straight to your door, no matter where you are in the world! Whether you prefer a flavourful selection of single-origin brews or a strong espresso-focused roast, Artisan Roast has you covered. There’s truly something for everyone here.

Multiple locations throughout Edinburgh

Wellington Coffee

Wellington coffee

In search of something a little more cosy and traditional? Look no further than Wellington Coffee. Nestled on the bustling street of George Street, this small quaint coffee shop offers a true Scottish experience in the heart of this captivating city.

When I visited during winter monthly, we wrapped up warm (because let’s face it, Scotland is only for the brave in winter) and ventured into Wellington Coffee which offered outdoor seating and a delightful terrace where we savoured an array of steaming hot brews.

Wellington Coffee’s claim to fame lies in its extensive selection of freshly baked delights. It truly is the perfect place to satisfy your sweet cravings with its assortment of shortbread, carrot cake, muffins, and more!

Quirky and authentic, Wellington Coffee is a must-try for those seeking a warm and truly welcoming experience.

33A George St, Edinburgh EH2 2HN

The Pantry

Looking for something a little more modern while still immersing yourself in the essence of true Edinburgh culture? Look no further than The Pantry – a renowned and immensely popular cafe and restaurant located in Stockbridge.

There truly is something for everyone here. From an extensive range of warm brews and delectable milkshakes to generously stacked brunches, lunches, and dinners, The Pantry should be at the top of your list of things to do in Edinburgh!

Everything is sourced locally, meaning that each ingredient you taste is bursting with freshness with every bite. With its calm and captivating interiors, this aesthetically pleasing establishment earns its high ratings as a top destination for hearty, wholesome food. The coffee isnt bad either!

1 N W Circus Pl, Edinburgh EH3 6ST

Union Brew Lab

Trendy and innovative? Absolutely. 

Not to be dramatic or anything, but when it comes to deliciously roasted coffee, Union Brew Lab has it down to an absolute tee. From single-origin brews to artisanal foods, I would seriously urge everyone to give this cafe a go.

Nestled away in College Street, Edinburgh’s Old Town, Union Brew Lab started their venture in 2012 with one goal in mind: to bring the best coffee to the streets of Edinburgh. Did they achieve that? Hell yes.

6-8 S College St, Edinburgh EH8 9AA

Fortitude Coffee

Fortitude Coffee in York Place, Edinburgh’s New Town, truly sets the standard for stylish coffee shops. And when it comes to Edinburgh’s buzzing coffee scene, this venue stands out for its commitment to sourcing and roasting the best beans from around the world. 

The baristas here take their craft seriously. When I visited with my family, each beverage and pour-over was a complete work of art. Everything here quite literally brings your taste buds to life.

Beyond the coffee and cakes, Fortitude Coffee also prides itself on creating a stylish and welcoming atmosphere for its coffee drinkers. Whether you’re seeking a quiet space to work or a cosy corner to catch up with friends, Fortitude is a favourite among locals and tourists.

Williams and Johnson 

William johnson Cafe

Located just beyond the bustling heart of Edinburgh, Williams and Johnson offer an array of filter and espresso flavours guaranteed to tantalise your taste buds. Nestled in the charming area of Leith, you can soak in the vibrant surroundings from their outdoor seating area, which overlooks a historic harbour, or cosy up inside their stylish and contemporary shop.

Williams and Johnson go the extra mile with their monthly caffeine letterbox subscription—a fantastic way to indulge in sustainable roasts or a thoughtful gift for your favourite coffee lover!

Enjoy their great coffe all while immersing yourself in the historical, quaint atmosphere of Leith.

CUSTOM LANE, 1 Customs Wharf, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 6AL

Twelve Triangles

Twelve Triangles cafe

Twelve Triangles is an absolute must try when visiting Edinburgh–you literally can’t miss it with their whopping seven cafes dotted around the city! 

The baristas take their dedication to the craft seriously here. Twelve Triangles is guided by a commitment in the art of simple yet exceptional creations, much like their philosophy surrounding bread.

As a ‘scratch bakery’, Twelve Triangles specialises in the meticulous craft of cold/slow fermentation sourdoughs. Their bread and pastries adhere to a carefully orchestrated 3 or 4-day cycle, with every product carefully crafted and shaped by the dedicated hands of their bakers. 

Crafted entirely in-house, what sets Twelve Triangles apart is their homemade jams, custards, pie fillings, and more. Prioritising the use of local, seasonal, and organic ingredients, you can be guaranteed an absolutely mouth watering experience.

Ingredients led, this innovative and popular establishment’s menu changes regularly, meaning each experience is different from the last.  

Multiple locations

Mr Eion

Mr Eion, with cosy locations in both Stockbridge and Trinity, is a boutique gem that should be on the radar of anyone seeking a warm and intimate coffee experience. 

What truly distinguishes Mr Eion is delivering an all-rounded experience to their coffee lovers. From coffee and tea subscriptions to offering the highest quality equipment and accessories, they allow their customers to craft their perfect brew straight from the comfort of their own homes.

For those craving a great coffe in a quiet and relaxing shop, make Mr Eion your next destination. With calming greenery and soothing neutral tones, savour your specially crafted coffee in a serene and tranquil setting.

9 Dean Park St, Edinburgh EH4 1JN
44, 44A E Trinity Rd, Newhaven, Edinburgh EH5 3DJ

The Milkman

Outside milkman cafe

If you’re visiting the stunning and historical Old Town of Edinburgh, be sure to add The Milkman to the top of your must-visit list! With its calming yet vibrant atmosphere, The Milkman has nestled their store in a newly restored brick-walled candy shop, maintaining its previous history. 

Committed to the craft of producing delicious coffee, this innovative coffee shop also supports independent makers. Each of their brews contributes to the cause of supporting ethical, high-quality, and one-of-a-kind products.

With a large dedicated Instagram following, The Milkman has masterfully cultivated a dark yet inviting atmosphere across its three distinct locations in Edinburgh. It’s the ultimate destination for those in search of an Instagram-worthy coffee experience.

2 locations – 52 & 7 Cockburn St, Edinburgh EH1 1BP


Which serves the best coffee?

Honestly, I couldn’t pick just one. 

Each and every establishment offers something entirely different. From dark and mysterious venues to cosy and comforting experiences, every coffee shop on this list is an absolute must-try for those seeking a truly unique experience.

Which is the best for food?

While every coffee shop offers something truly delicious, for me is: The Pantry.

Modern and stylish yet still cultivating the essence of Edinburgh culture, this highly rated venue has definitely earned its reputation for excellent coffee and brunches, lunches, and dinners. Locally sourced ingredients and hearty portions, this establishment is an absolute must try for tourists and locals alike.

Which is the best for baked goods?

This one was an easy decision to make. Dedicated to the craft of creating simple yet delicious creations, Twelve Triangles is the true winner here!

With a staggering seven venues dotted around the vibrant city of Edinburgh, Twelve Triangles pride itself on producing carefully crafted baked goods, using only locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. Each delicious option on their ever-changing menu has been homemade, guaranteeing you a fresh and mouth-watering experience. 

All the above cafes have gluten free baked goods. 

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I'm Ashleigh, the owner of How To Travel Gluten Free & a proud coeliac. With my firsthand experience and a deep love for both travel and delicious gluten-free cuisine, I’ve made it my mission to share my knowledge, tips, and incredible discoveries with you.

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Women standing infront of cliff with house in positano, italy
About Ashleigh

I'm Ashleigh, the owner of How To Travel Gluten Free & a proud coeliac. With my firsthand experience and a deep love for both travel and delicious gluten-free cuisine, I’ve made it my mission to share my knowledge, tips, and incredible discoveries with you.

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