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The Best Gluten-Free Restaurants in Boston

Looking for the best gluten-free restaurants in Boston? We've got an extensive list. Plus: the best gluten-free bagels and bakeries in Boston.

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The Best Gluten-Free Restaurants in Boston

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Whether you’re craving pizza, donuts, or dumplings, Boston has a gluten-free restaurant that will fulfill your food desires. Take it from a Boston resident who has Celiac Disease: these are the best gluten-free restaurants in Boston.

Dedicated Gluten-Free Restaurants Boston

There are only a few 100% gluten-free restaurants in the city of Boston, however, if you can venture out to the suburbs, you’ll find a few more that are worth traveling for. These are the best completely gluten-free restaurants in Boston (and beyond):

Grainmaker (Downtown Boston & Somerville)

A fast-casual healthy eatery with two locations in Boston, Grainmaker is 100% gluten-free and a great spot for a quick and easy lunch or dinner. Choose from rice bowls, salads, or noodle bowls, and don’t forget to get a side of dumplings, which are the best gluten-free dumplings I’ve ever had.

Carolicious (Somerville)

Ironically located instead the very non-gluten-free brewery Aeronaut, Carolicious is a completely gluten-free eatery serving up amazing Venezuelan dishes. The arepas are made from corn flour and are naturally gluten-free. Just don’t expect to get a drink at Aeronaut, as they don’t have any Celiac-safe options (they have one hard seltzer which is “gluten-free” but not Celiac-safe due to shared lines.)

Naco Taco (Hub Hall Location)

Naco Taco is one of Boston’s best food trucks turned restaurants, and all of their locations are very gluten-free friendly. However, their new location at the Hub Hall food market is entirely gluten-free, so you can indulge in tacos and street corn without cross-contact concerns.

Barra (Union Square)

Although they don’t advertise the fact, Barra is a completely gluten-free restaurant!

POKE by Love Art (North End)

Offering naturally gluten-free rice bowls, everything at the Beverly Street location of POKE by Love Art is gluten-free. This is a small, fast-casual spot that is great for a quick meal.

Mother Juice (Boston Public Market, Kendall Square, Newbury St)

Smoothies, smoothie bowls, toasts, salads, breakfast bowls, and more – it’s all completely gluten-free at all of Mother Juice’s locations!

Twist Bakery & Cafe (Burlington and Millis, MA)

Worth the drive to visit this bakery and cafe, especially for their incredible breakfast sandwiches. Come for breakfast or lunch and then take a bunch of sweet treats to go.

Inna’s Kitchen (Newton, MA)

Gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free – this is more of a store offering take-away dishes to bake yourself later, but they also have ready-to-go gluten-free entrees and baked goods.

Ming’s Bings (Fenway Park, Boston)

Going to a Red Sox game or concert at Fenway Park can be a struggle if you’re gluten-free. Fortunately, Ming’s Bings, a completely gluten-free and plant-based eatery has opened two stands at Fenway Park! Ming’s Bings serves up little pocket-like sandwiches that resemble a filled scallion pancake – it’s delicious and a great gluten-free option at Fenway. The stands are located at Jersey St. (you’ll need a ticket to access it) and the Sam Deck.

A gluten-free Fenway Park note: There are tons of options for gluten-free drinks at Fenway Park now. Most stands serve wine or Trulys, and the Sam Bar has hard alcohol for mixed drinks so you can get a tequila soda or other gluten-free cocktail. You’ll also find plenty of stands with premixed cocktail cans like Hornito’s Ranch Water, or Goslings Dark & Stormy. Bonus: You’re allowed to bring in one sealed 16 oz. plastic bottle of water to Fenway Park as well! I have also heard (from someone at Fenway Park who brought in her own snacks) that food is allowed as long as it’s sealed, but I haven’t tried to bring in any personally.

The Best Gluten-Free Restaurants in Boston

Although not dedicated gluten-free, these restaurants offer delicious gluten-free food in a Celiac-safe environment.

Yellow Door Taqueria

Almost the entire menu at Yellow Door is gluten-free, and the gluten-free chips are fried in their own fryer.

Faccia Brutta

A gorgeous Italian spot on Newbury Street that makes fresh gluten-free pasta in a separate kitchen to avoid cross-contact.

Thelonius Monkfish

Great gluten-free sushi and other Asian dishes (like pad thai) with gluten-free options clearly marked.


My favorite place for gluten-free french fries! They have a dedicated gluten-free fryer and an extensive list of gluten-free options. They are extremely careful about allergies here (I believe the owner or manager has Celiac Disease). Branchline has a huge heated patio for outdoor dining year-round.

Momi Nomi

The menu is normally completely gluten-free at this sushi place, and when there are items that do have gluten, they are clearly marked.

Plant Pub

Vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free heaven! Plant Pub offers comfort food staples like hamburgers, nachos, fried chicken, and french fries – all of which are plant-based (aka vegan). I highly recommend the fried chicken sandwich and the french fries (which taste like McDonald’s, but better.) Everything that goes in the fryer is gluten-free and the staff here is really conscious about cross-contact. (Gluten-free sandwiches are prepared away from the regular sandwiches and the buns are toasted on a separate toaster.) All gluten-free items are marked on the menu, and all the sandwiches are gluten-free if you get the gluten-free buns. Even the desserts are dairy-free and gluten-free, including the ice cream cookie sandwich! This is a fast-casual spot in Kendall Square in Cambridge, and the food comes out really fast. Beer and wine are available, and they have outdoor tables as well, with heat lamps in the winter.


A fast-casual option for gluten-free sandwiches and wraps.

Union Park Pizza

Great gluten-free pizza with procedures in place to minimize cross-contact.

Deluxe Town Diner

The best gluten-free breakfast/brunch place in Boston – gluten free pancakes!

Bistro 781

Menu is clearly marked with gluten-free items and almost all of the menu can be made gluten-free. Staff is knowledgeable about Celiac.


The menu is almost 100% gluten-free and so is the fryer. Come here for classic American comfort food!

Ellana’s Kitchen

Worth the drive out to Newton for gluten-free arepas.


Authentic Brazilian cuisine. Lots of naturally gluten-free options at Muqueca and they are careful with allergens.

730 Tavern

Great for comfort/pub food, almost all of 730 Tavern’s menu can be made gluten-free. Dedicated fryer.


Quite possibly the best spot for gluten-free pizza in Boston.

Woods Hole Pier 4

For special occasions, Woods Hole Pier has great gluten-free options (like a sunflower risotto).

Dosa n’Curry

A casual Indian spot with plenty of gluten-free items, all of which are labeled on Dosa n’Curry’s menu.

The Helmand

Afghanistan cuisine served in an upscale atmosphere – great date spot. Most of Helamand’s dishes are naturally gluten-free.

The Maharaja

Delicious Indian food in the heart of Harvard Square. Gluten-free items are clearly marked, and the staff assured me that if it is marked gluten-free it is Celiac-safe (nothing fried in shared oil, etc.)

Woods Hole Pier 4

A gorgeous location on the water, and they have lots of naturally gluten-free options (like a sunflower risotto), plus many menu items that they are happy to make gluten-free. Gluten-free items marked on the menu.

JP Licks

JP Licks is a local ice cream chain that has plenty of gluten-free flavors and gluten-free cones (both sugar and cake!) They are always happy to scoop from a clean container in the back.


Another great Boston spot for gluten-free ice cream, don’t miss Rancatore’s gluten-free cookies and cream flavor!

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Women standing infront of cliff with house in positano, italy
About Ashleigh

I'm Ashleigh, the owner of How To Travel Gluten Free & a proud coeliac. With my firsthand experience and a deep love for both travel and delicious gluten-free cuisine, I’ve made it my mission to share my knowledge, tips, and incredible discoveries with you.

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